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Fairview Clinic in Dothan, AL, is your multi-specialty healthcare solution for comprehensive care. For over 50 years, our skilled team of compassionate doctors and medical professionals has been delivering specialized internal medicine. Call today to schedule an appointment with our doctor’s office in Dothan, Al.

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Patient Reviews

See what patients have to say about our doctor’s office in Dothan, AL.

Wendy Norris

"If you need a doctor, I highly recommend my Docs - Dr Conner... my doctors with a true heart. Highly recommend."

Cindy Crowley

"I recently left Southern Clinic and moved over to Fairview Clinic. I was surprised at the level of care I received here..."

John Loman

"My wife and I are new patients to Fairview Clinic, following our doctor, Dr Ryan Shingler here ...We are both very impressed with Fairview Clinic..."

Brian Gothard

"I have been a patient at Fairview clinic for nearly 15 years. The staff and the doctors are outstanding..

William Rollan

"I have to say Dr. Chris Miller, Robert Ortiz C.R.N.P. and Alisa R.N. are all top notch! I am extremely pleased with the care and attention I receive. I highly recommend Fairview Clinic."

Carol Pioppo

"…this doctors office really pushes through to care for their patients individually. The providers here are all very hands on and helpful... I highly recommend this clinic…"

About Fairview Clinic

With more than 50 years of serving the Dothan community, our providers aim for healthcare excellence. As an all-in-one multi-specialty doctor’s office, we offer comprehensive care for patients aged 13 and up. Our medical team comprises seasoned physicians, internists, cardiologists, infectious disease doctors, and more, all working synergistically to ensure the best care for our patients.

We pride ourselves on our in-house pharmacy and medical lab, designed to provide patient convenience and quick results. From routine check-ups to advanced diagnostic tests, our doctor’s office in Dothan, AL, covers a wide range of internal medicine services.

Fairview FAQs

The Dothan medical clinic is located on the 3rd floor of the Doctor’s Building at Southeast Health (Formally SAMC) at 1118 Ross Clark Cir #303 in Dothan, AL.

From Blue Cross Blue Shield to United Healthcare, we accept most major insurance plans.

During your first visit to our medical clinic, you’ll start by filling out a patient intake form to provide us with essential information about your medical history, along with current signs and symptoms. Our healthcare team will then conduct an examination, which may include diagnostic tests or imaging, to accurately diagnose your medical condition. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your health concerns and treatment options with our medical professionals. We aim to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care to address your wellness needs effectively.

We recommend you bring the following items to your doctor’s appointment.

  • A payment method
  • List of medications and dosages
  • Emergency contact information
  • State-issued photo ID
  • Proof of insurance

Our doctor’s office accepts Medicare.

Comprehensive Care Made Easy

Discover the difference in comprehensive care at Fairview Clinic Dothan,AL, the national leader in quality since 2011. Our team of experienced providers is dedicated to offering individualized healthcare with a broad array of medical services; our medical clinic makes healthcare convenient for you.

Don’t wait to prioritize your health – schedule your appointment with our Dothan doctor’s office today!

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