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Our primary care doctors in Dothan, AL, are taking new patients at Fairview Clinic. For over 50 years, our providers have served our community with an experienced team of primary care physicians in Dothan and an unwavering commitment to patient care. Don’t forget to prioritize your health; schedule an appointment today!

Our Primary Care Physicians

Our Primary Care Services

With over 50 years of preventive medicine and primary care in Dothan, AL, our medical professionals are experienced in family medicine and internal medicine. Our internal medicine physicians can diagnose many illnesses or general healthcare concerns, while our specialized training and commitment to your family’s health enable us to offer a wide range of services.

  • General Check-ups:

    Routine physical examinations and annual wellness visits to assess overall health.

  • Preventative Care:

    Vaccinations and immunizations, screenings, and lifestyle advice to prevent illnesses.

  • Diagnosis and Treatment:

    Identifying and treating common medical conditions like colds, flu, and minor infections.

  • Chronic Disease Management:

    Ongoing care for conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and asthma.

  • Prescription Medications:

    Prescribing and managing medication for various conditions.

  • Referrals:

    Recommending specialists for conditions that require more specialized care.

  • On-Site Diagnostic Testing:

    Blood work, laboratory tests, and imaging services in one location

  • Health Risk Assessments:

    Evaluating the risk factors for various diseases and conditions.

  • Nutritional Counseling:

    Providing advice on diet and nutrition to improve health.

  • Men's Health:

    Services like prostate exams and advice on sexual health.

  • Mental Health:

    Assessing mental health conditions and providing initial treatment or referrals to specialists.

Common Conditions Treated by Primary Care Doctor

About our Primary Care Doctors in Dothan, AL

A primary care physician often provides the first point of contact for a patient suffering from an undiagnosed health concern, with the ability to refer to a specialist and offer continued care for multiple health conditions. Our primary care doctors are committed to providing patients with a comprehensive continuum of care.

Our team of primary care providers works synergistically to ensure patient-centered primary care. Get the medical treatment you need today with a Dothan primary care doctor.

Primary Care Patient Reviews

See what patients have to say about our doctor’s office in Dothan, AL.

Wendy Norris

"If you need a doctor, I highly recommend my Docs - Dr Conner... my doctors with a true heart. Highly recommend."

Cindy Crowley

"I recently left Southern Clinic and moved over to Fairview Clinic. I was surprised at the level of care I received here..."

John Loman

"My wife and I are new patients to Fairview Clinic, following our doctor, Dr Ryan Shingler here ...We are both very impressed with Fairview Clinic..."

Brian Gothard

"I have been a patient at Fairview clinic for nearly 15 years. The staff and the doctors are outstanding..

William Rollan

"I have to say Dr. Chris Miller, Robert Ortiz C.R.N.P. and Alisa R.N. are all top notch! I am extremely pleased with the care and attention I receive. I highly recommend Fairview Clinic."

Carol Pioppo

"…this doctors office really pushes through to care for their patients individually. The providers here are all very hands on and helpful... I highly recommend this clinic…"

Primary Care FAQs

A family physician is trained to handle most of your healthcare concerns and is the first point of contact for referral to a specialist.

Our multi-specialty clinic treats patients 13 years to end of life for primary care needs.

Fairview Clinic accepts most major insurance plans, from Blue Shield Blue Cross to United Healthcare.

Choosing the best primary care doctor for patients’ individualized needs is important. We suggest researching the types of care at each doctor’s office in your area. You can search online for “primary care doctors near me” or “physicians in Dothan.” You can also call local clinics and ask about their medical services. Choose a primary care physician that provides specialized care and treatment options that meet your concerns.

Take Control of Your Health Today with Trusted Primary Care Doctors in Dothan

Your health isn’t just another item on your to-do list; it’s the foundation of everything you do. Our primary care doctors in Dothan, AL are not just experienced; they’re your health partners, committed to providing tailored medical care that suits your needs. With half a century of dedicated service to the Dothan community, we’ve made healthcare not just accessible but personalized.

Don’t wait to prioritize your health; book your appointment and take the first definitive step toward a healthier, happier you with primary care in Dothan, AL.